Celestial Galaxies Explode in These Gorgeous Fluid Paintings

Aluminum prints of smokey multi colored clouds might look like impressions of an exploding star in some far-off galaxy, but actually, they’re fluid paintings that have been carefully photographed in 12K resolution. This new series of works was made by artist Garth Williams, the creative director of the tech lab and creative agency Obscura Digital, known for their large-scale projection mapping performances. Williams creates these utterly mesmerizing images by manipulating liquid ink within a body of water, a technique similar to the one employed by Macro Room in their Ink In Motion video project. Using a collection of syringes and eyedroppers, Williams discharges servings of colored ink into a transparent, aquarium-like water container he calls the “Cloud Tank.” In his short description of the project, he writes that, despite the chaotic nature of the medium, he was able to elevate his work to what he calls, a “level of intentionality through repetition, technique and invention.” He labels the works as “portraits of natural phenomena” that serve as a “testament to the timeless forces perpetually in motion around us.” Check out more images from the series below:

This Fall, Williams heads to China to launch a new project with Obscura Digital that’s been described as a “living” fluid dynamic painting synchronized across 27 massive screens. Check out more works by the artist on his website.


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