Chair Chat No. 19 with Rudy and Klaus – No More Foul Language

Editor’s note: This Chair Chat™ has been edited extensively and was stripped down of all foul language. Accordingly, you don’t see a disclaimer here that salty language will follow – because it won’t. Enter with confidence.

Rudy: look at this chair I found on the internet:

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Chunky Welsh Low Back Chair - Archive

Chris: That is a nice-looking chair.

Rudy: I agree, it has a nice shape.

Klaus: Look at those legs, they have probably been shaved on a shaving horse?

Rudy: Likely. I like to use a shaving horse, too.

Chris: I prefer a jack plane, but a shaving horse can work well, too.

Klaus: The seat has a nice shape.

Rudy: Yes, it does.

Chris: OK, I’m pretty much out of things to say. Chat again soon?

Rudy: Yup, me too. Bye!

Klaus: Agree, talk soon.


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