Chairs Made of Offcuts From Other Chairs

Responsible furniture designers use sustainably-sourced and certified wood. However, not all of that wood goes into the pieces, of course; there are offcuts and scrap. These high-quality pieces of wood, which have had the bad luck of occupying the negative space of a design, are then burned, producing CO2.

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Furniture designer Martin Kechayas has managed to get his hands on a large amount of offcuts. Since the pieces from any given production run often offer repeating shapes, he used them to design an entire furniture series. “The BRICO series comprises various pieces, all made from up to 100 percent residual wood,” Kechayas writes.

“BRICO is conceived originally as the ultimate ‘recycled chair:’ a composition of diverse – discarded, disparate – pieces of wood, put together in the form of a bricolage, or a 3D collage.”

“A kind of physically usable poetry – except, now, it’s resuable.”

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The materials list of just one of these chairs is unintentionally hilarious:

“The BRICO chair Origin in oak, beech, birch, ash, maple, walnut, cherry, mahogany, cumaru, jotoba, pine, purple hart and a few rainforest trees.”

Kechayas is self-manufacturing the chairs and selling them here.

Source: core77

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