Chamber Presents: “Domestic Appeal” Part III of Collection #3

Chamber Presents: “Domestic Appeal” Part III of Collection #3

Chamber, a boutique we visited in New York City, launched “Domestic Appeal,” Part III of Collection #3, a show that’s been curated by design critic and co-founder of Depot Basel, Matylda Krzykowski. Collection #3 is centered around Richard Hamilton’s 1956 artwork, exploring the same objects that were once featured in his work over half a century ago. Artists and designers from around the world created unique, domestic-themed goods that create a semi-urban domestic space.

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Tom Hancock created DPDR, a metal and leather lounge chair that began as a digital design, and then was printed and cut out, removing any true function. It serves as a singular aesthetic experience.

Graphic Time are abstract clocks that interpret time pieces in a graphic and diverse way, by Christoph Brach.

Margriet Craens + Lucas Maassen teamed up to create a cabinet that is half remake of a Rietveld-cabinet, and half “Billy” from IKEA. “Let’s Stick Together” is a sculptural work of art and functional design piece.

James Shaw worked with Soft Baroque to create Hydro Dipz (HD), a thin film that’s painted onto 3D surfaces as decor. As a result, each piece in the HD collection has a wet look that’s not typically found in objects for the home.

Floria Milker designed the O_series, where he transmutes symbols of fertility and faith into tangible jewelry/sculpture.

Ferréol Babin created a series of lamps that all feature a PVC, wood, and steel interior but a texturally unique exterior. Whether it’s British racing green or hand painted varnish, the lamp has unexpected colors and patterns that can be either attractive or repulsive to the viewer.

Dimitri Bähler created Monolith as ceramic architectones that represent humans standing and sitting through its weight. Rather than being totally functional, these pieces are for large-scale ceramic experiments.

Black Lines, by Carl Emil Jacobsen, incorporates classic drawing techniques into sculpture, turning the 2D into 3D. It is a study in contrasts — hard and soft, masculine and feminine, crude and refined.

Chen Chen & Kai Williams created a series of objects that take everyday aluminum and turn it into “Liquid Metal”. Each piece captures the light and creates an intriguing reflective surface indoors and out.

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Bertille Laguet created a few objects in cast aluminum that are more than just sculptural pieces, rather they center a room and act as its heart.

Andy and Dave reinterpreted high back chairs and a dining table to create a semi-urban dining room experience. Giving nod to the cityscapes of metropolitan cities, the height and personality of the chairs create a little space for each person to inhabit.

Photos: Fran Parente

Source: design-milk

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