Check Out This Cat’s Bizarre Haircut

“I’m so done with today,” wrote Caitlin Christine as she posted her cat’s new haircut who now looks like someone straight out of a Dr. Seuss book. Nevertheless, the cat still looks majestic, although you can see his annoyance in these photos.

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“And just so you guys know… this is what he looks like when he doesn’t look like a Dr. Seuss character”, Caitlin wrote as she posted another picture of Oliver, the cat — this time in his original state.

As it turns out, Oliver’s new look wasn’t an accident, either. Caitlin’s mother explains it was actually requested by her father. “He dropped Oliver off for his groom and he came back like this,” writes Caitlin’s mother in a text to her, which she posted along with the aforementioned photos for context. She added that she had waited over two months for this appointment.

(Image Credit: Caitlin Christine/ Twitter)

Source: neatorama

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