Check Out This Retro Clock

Even if we spend most of the day staring at our computer screens and our smartphones, where digital clocks are readily available, there’s still something very attractive about clocks of old. And if you’re the type of person who loves retro stuff, then you will surely love this retro-styled flip clock.

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Midclock’s TV clock combines two different old school devices in one: a retro flip clock, and a retro television set. Unlike the flip clocks of yore, Midclock says theirs operates silently, so it won’t wake you up ticking away. Plus it’s got a built-in night light which makes reading the time easier, and adds a gentle glow.

Unfortunately, this clock does not have an integrated alarm. Nevertheless, it looks pleasing in the eyes.

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(Image Credit: Midclock/ Amazon/ Technabob)

Source: neatorama

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