Check Out This Vending Machine Made From Cardboard


If there was one thing that can be found everywhere in Japan, it would be its vending machines. Whether you’re in the train station, in the office, or even on the road, you’ll always find a vending machine near you. But while you may have seen various vending machines in your lifetime, I bet that you haven’t come across this kind of vending machine — one that is made from cardboard!

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The full-size machine can be stocked with a dozen different kinds of drinks, and in the demonstration video we see a woman put a coin into the slot and hit the button for a can of coffee, which drops right into the drink retrieval tray. The camera then swings around to the backside where we see a man in a cap open up the machine’s back panel, revealing a network of heavy-duty rubber bands and intricate interlocking tabs as he replenishes the stock of beverages.

The aforementioned vending machine is made by cardboard craft kit manufacturer Hacomo.


(Image Credit: dancreator/ Twitter)

Source: neatorama

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