Check The Plane Model Before You Leave On A Flight

Here’s a fun tip for travelers: before you book, try to check out the plane model and layout. 

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This extra step can allow you to check the layout of the plane, which can help you find the perfect seat for your next flight. 

An assumption that can be made is that airlines usually have the same format or layout for their airplanes. However, their cabin layouts actually can vary from plane to plane. Different plane models offer different in-seat amenities as well as varying sizes for overhead compartments and underseat storage. If you’re really keen on having carry-on luggage only, you need to check the sizes of this storage so you can ensure that your luggage can fit. 

Aside from storage space, you can also check how much legroom you’ll have for your flight. To check which airplane model you could be flying, look at your chosen airline’s reservation page. These companies usually display the aircraft type on their ticketing pages. Third-party websites such as Expert Flyer and SeatGuru can also be of assistance if you can’t find information on official websites.

Image credit: Brett Sayles

Source: neatorama

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