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Damn, I’m a week late on this one. All of these gorgeous paintings were part of a show at Flinders Lane Gallery in Melbourne, titled Comfort Kills, by Australian artist Chelsea Gustafsson. Afghans, succulents, pool noodles, and oh so many fabulous chairs!  The show just came down at the end of August, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy these beautifully painted, very cozy, works right now! Here is a small part of the essay from the catalogue that gets into the why behind all of those chairs:

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“… For Gustafsson, the chair possesses a warm familiarity, a playfulness and vibrancy that makes them a powerful motif, implicit in the domestic experience. Be it Dad’s favourite armchair, the kitchen stool guests gravitate toward or the plastic chair offered at a friendly backyard BBQ, they each recall social interactions, economic circumstances, daily rhythms, and self expression … they also call to mind frivolous time wasting.” ~ excerpt from essay, written by Phe Luxford.

{Found via Create Magazine’s Instagram}

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