Chicken and Waffles Pizza and Ice Cream Tacos

Thrillist introduces us to two new Frankenfoods this week. The first is Honey Chicken and Waffles Pizza, the winner of a poll at Papa John’s Pizza. This recipe beat three other concept pizzas the chain proposed as a new menu item.

As you already surmised from the headline, none of those three were top of the class. The new pizza will be Hot Honey Chicken and Waffles, which sounds like a passably adventurous pizza to which a large chain might be able to do justice. It took home more than 70% of the total fan vote. It features crispy chicken, waffle crumbles, bacon, cheese, and a drizzle of spicy honey.

Since chicken and waffles was already a Frankenfood, this is just the next step. The Ice Cream Taco is really just an extreme dessert with no savory Tex-Mex ingredients. The shell is made of cotton candy, filled with ice cream and more candy. Sweet, but you’ll still have to wash your hands.

(Image credit: Papa John’s)

Source: neatorama

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