Child Creates Stick Library for Local Dogs

Yes, your dog can buy a stick. Or you can buy a stick for your dog. But the dog gets bored and wants another stick. And other dogs want your dog’s stick.

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This is why the Stick Library exists. Jeremiah Carter, a 10-year old boy in Saskatchewan, Canada, created this lending stick library for dogs in his neighborhood. It’s like a Little Free Library, but with canine patrons in mind. Jeremiah and his father built this library and hung it at a local dog park. A CNN affiliate quotes the father:

“We took it and zip tied it to the fence so it wouldn’t disappear, we gathered sticks that we figured dogs would enjoy, and filled it up and waited to see what happened,” Carter said.

He and Jeremiah were surprised when they came back to the park one day to see that the stick library was actually used.

“When we would go to the dog park, there would be no sticks in there, or lots of sticks lying around,” Carter said.

I should open a branch library in my own neighborhood.

-via Super Punch | Photo: Dave Carter

Source: neatorama

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