Childhood Memories We Take To Adulthood

I don’t remember all the things I experienced as a child even if I tried but there are certain memories that stick with us even into our adulthood. These may be significant events that happened, things that left an emotional mark or they could just be the mundane things of daily life.

Childhood memories are unparalleled in their perfection and purity because you have seen so little of the world that every new experience comes with this luminosity, this ferocity, this sense of wonderment that adulthood eventually robs of you.

For parents, it may not be as clear to their children everything they did for them. But there will be moments which children will take with them. It’s usually the small things, the little memories that sneak into the back of our minds that leave the most significant impact on our lives.

But all the same, whether children remember the things their parents did for them or not, what counts is how those things will mold them and make them into the people they want to be.

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Source: neatorama

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