Children To Face Climate Change-Related Health Problems

Children who were born today will be welcomed by a lifetime of climate change-related health problems, warns The Lancet in a report yesterday. The Lancet is one of the oldest and most prestigious medical journals in the world. Now that is saying something.

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The Lancet’s “Countdown: Tracking Progress on Health and Climate Change” says the new era of climate change will “define the health of an entire generation” — unless there is significant intervention.

The health impacts flagged by the report start at the prenatal level with a heightened risk of low birth weight and neonatal death and continue through childhood and adolescence with potential lung problems, asthma attacks and insect-borne diseases. Older adults would see increasing vulnerability from extreme heat.

The report is a collaborative effort by more than 100 experts from global institutions, including the World Health Organization and World Bank, that tracks the impact of climate change on human health based on 41 indicators.

More details about this saddening but unsurprising news over at Scientific American.

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