Children's Furniture Designed to be Assembled by Children, Like a Puzzle

Children practice fast fashion by default; they cannot help but outgrow their clothes. With children’s furniture, however, perhaps something can be done.

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Finnish furniture designer Mikko Halonen’s Palipeli line of children’s furniture is designed with legs that can grow in height via extenders. “The main idea of the design is that it grows with the child,” Halonen writes.

Furthermore, the furniture is designed to be assembled by children themselves (with a little help from an adult). This “teaches causal connections to a child: if it is assembled incorrectly, it will not work.”

“The design also helps children to understand the very basic logic of numerical order.”

“It is possible and fun to assemble and disassemble the chair or the table over and over again, just like a puzzle.

“When children can take part in making their own furniture, they may also grow more attached to them, and will hopefully want to use them for a longer time.”

Source: core77

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