China's Professional Bridesmaids

Xie Yuke is always a bridesmaid and never a bride, but that’s intentional. She’s a professional bridesmaid—one of many in an emerging market in China. Sixth Tone, a Chinese government-owned news website, describes this growing industry and Xie’s story.

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Xie has worked at 40 weddings during the past two years. She’s typically paid about $74-296 per wedding, where she pretends to be a close friend of the bride while helping the wedding party change clothes and entertain the guests.

Groomsmen can get jobs, too, at companies that hire out bridesmaids and groomsmen for couples who want grand spectacles for weddings. Xie met her boyfriend at such a wedding where he was working as a best man to the groom. They’re planning their own wedding, where they hope to have 24 fellow professionals working the event.

-via Marginal Revolution | Photo: Xie Yuke

Source: neatorama

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