Chris Pratt Just Confessed He Used To Eat Leftover Shrimp Off Of People’s Plates

Food waste is a hot topic, with findings suggesting that roughly 20% of all food put on the plates of Americans is thrown out every year, enough to feed 2 billion extra people annually. This shocking statistic highlights the inequality and inefficiency of the global food system, as well as the huge environmental cost that comes with this profligacy. A large proportion of produce is thrown out simply because it is slightly misshapen or has some minor blemish.

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So when Chris Pratt confessed on Instagram recently that when he was a waiter at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company he would eat the leftover shrimp on people’s plates on his way back to the kitchen, he was actually doing his bit to reduce the problem. His post sparked a discussion about the rights and wrongs of this habit, with many people horrified by the thought of eating other people’s food.

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Pratt also touched on another issue in his short post about his time working as a server, that of tipping. For many non-Americans, it can seem a baffling system that sows confusion and resentment if not done properly. Why not just pay people a fair amount in the first place? Chris urges that you set aside 20% for a tip, but not everyone agrees! Scroll down below to check out his post and the replies below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Image credits: prattprattpratt

Image credits: prattprattpratt

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