Chrissy Teigen Has Shared A Photo Of Her Son With A Head-Shaping Helmet, People From All Around The World Respond

There’s nothing cuter than children, their gorgeous eyes and adorable smiles can make anyone’s day better. And just when we thought that they can’t get any cuter, suddenly we find out that a baby with a helmet is the most precious thing we have ever seen. Recently, Chrissy Teigen shared a picture of her son with a head-shaping helmet, stating that he’s just fixing a flat side of his head, and there’s nothing to worry about. To make her feel better, many people started to share their own adorable pictures of their children wearing head shaping helmets.

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Image credits: chrissyteigen

My daughter was born with Craniosynostosis. At 8 months, her skull was removed and reshaped. Today, she is a healthy, happy 7 year old! Go Miles!

Image credits: TD6030

Is this the official babies with helmets thread?

Image credits: jenamer

Their little cheeks get pushed forward and it’s the cutest.

Image credits: EMckp/

They look EXTRA cute in their helmets

Image credits: ladenapatron

My cutie pie nieces in their animal print helmets

Image credits: xopaigelip

Awe!! Baby Drew had one too!

Image credits: jadecunninghamX

My son had a helmet! It went by so quick and his head is gorgeous now!

Image credits: fraggle5512

Had to share my girls’ helmet photos – amazing what a little paint and some super cute stickers can do!

Image credits: amynichols

Avery’s second helmet – cherry blossoms for DC.

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Image credits: amynichols

We are helmet graduates! It will be over before you know it. Plus, it is sneaky adorable.

Image credits: CoachBriBills

My Baylee was a Cranio baby too, now she’s 4 and going strong! When she came out of the helmet, we made flower pots out of her helmets for her first birthday

Image credits: goodbyebg

Helmet babies are the best!!!!

Image credits: dabneys721

Helmet baby

Image credits: Shah_Memon23

helmet babies rule!

Image credits: annamalford

I love the official babies with helmets thread. they are all adorable!

Image credits: erin_zalewski

My son playing with his helmet

Image credits: RYAN_OnTheMoney

You say cute helmet thread??

Image credits: tampatony32

People awesome decorating their helmets while my lazy ass said mehhhhh

Image credits: TheDrinkingDiva

Googly eyes and bows all the way

Image credits: Slueck27

Helmet baby

Image credits: CathyGlaesman

Omg all the cuteeee babies!! ? Adding my little R2D2 to the list ?

Image credits: Catherine Chang

My baby wore a helmet. He’s 2 now and his head isn’t flat anymore. They work and they’re cute and fuck you if you judge a mom for it. ??‍♀️?⚔ Ps. Winter is coming

Image credits: Jessica Basu

Helmet baby

Image credits: Jeanine Viencek

Fionn wore a helmet for four months after his CVR surgery for sagittal craniosynostosis. I ended up hand painting them so they looked less like a medical device. He looked pretty adorable and it squished his cheeks in the most perfect way.

Image credits: Emma McMahon-Rowland

Here is my guy about 10 years ago.

Image credits: Melissa Pavelek Boyd

Because every princess needs a crown. ? my little cranio princess!

Image credits: Sammi Mae Tuter

My son rocking his helmet just in time for this past Halloween ?

Image credits: Allison Genco Deucher

This is my cutie! I remember feeling so anguished over him getting this helmet but honestly it’s no different than him needing braces. Support and love are what all mothers need! Happy to share and happy to support!

Image credits: Lauren McKay

We loved our little minion! We still keep the helmet on our shelf as a memento- it was too cute!

Image credits: Brittney Reed

Our little guy is 2 now and is just as perfect as ever-craniosynostosis Superbaby!! ❤

Image credits: Cindy Ahern

This is my little one she’s 3 now but her head is round and she’s happy. We used to call her baby magneto and her twin sister was professor X

Image credits: Amy Wagner-Lukhi

Our 9 month old twins are in their 2nd week rocking their helmets!

Image credits: Dakota Boyd

Our second one was simple with changeable bows

Image credits: Amanda Sadus

I was so excited to see her share her sons journey! We were torn as whether we wanted to share ours sons with non family. This was my little guy, his helmet said “whale rounded”

Image credits: Rachel Towler

My son is 4 now but he had to wear a helmet too. We went with our favorite football team.

Image credits: Kristen Otterson

My daughter wore one to fix her plagiocephaly due to Torticollis at birth. She’s 7 now and her dolls and bears wear the helmet sometimes

Image credits: Katie Smith

My now 4 year old when she was a wee squish

Image credits:

My son 6 years ago! He has a perfectly rounded head now. ?

Image credits: Claudia Ineluz

My cranio warrior rocked his for 10 weeks post op CVR!

Image credits: Shelby Northrup

My big boy wears a helmet but his is for seizures.

Image credits: Crystal Maulbeck

Mommy to a craniosynostosis warrior!

Image credits: Jen Banks

My sassy pants girl loved her helmet! Her onsie says “helmet hair, don’t care!” She was actually the fastest helmet graduate in our whole state, since we got it on right before a growth spurt, and was done in 5 weeks with it.

Image credits: Abby Johnson

My middle baby had to wear a helmet and he’s now an adorable 1st grader. ?

Image credits: April Harmon

Helmet baby

Image credits: Cassie Ford

My baby almost 3 years ago she rocked her helmet

Image credits: Dyana M Day

It’s been 7 years since our helmet! Wow did that thing get sweaty in the Texas summer heat lol

Image credits: Penny Robinson

Jillian had her helmet for 3 months and just graduated last week! Thank you for posting a picture of your sweet boy in his helmet to bring awareness!

Image credits: Renee Walk

My sweet baby rocking his helmet

Image credits: Sarah Beth Jolly Livingston

My cutie in his helmet! He only has a few months left to wear it!

Image credits: Christy Borgmann

This was 5 years ago, my little cute helmet baby

Image credits: Vanessa Huss

My youngest did so well with his! It didn’t bother him at all

Image credits: Shannon Grubbs

Awh my guy did too?❤ helmet appreciation post

Image credits: Ricki Cuevas

This is the day she got her helmet and we’re on our 3rd month. Her head is looking great so we think she’ll be done this month or next. She adapted to it right away and continued to be a great sleeper too!

Image credits: Rebecca Cooper

My son was in a helmet for 6 months for torticollis and stage 4 plageocephaly in 2017

Image credits: Jessica Vogler Morris

My baby niece had one!!

Image credits: Jackie Marie


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