"Christmas Time Is Here" Is the Best Christmas Song

The song in its original version has nothing to do with Christmas. What you think may be jingle bells are brushes on a snare drum. It’s a jazz tune that’s quite slow and melancholy. But when we hear it, we know it’s Christmas, because “Christmas Time is Here” played through a large part of A Charlie Brown Christmas, the beloved 1965 Peanuts TV special we all know and love.

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The song was written and performed by Vince Guaraldi, a jazz musician who’d hit the charts with “Cast Your Fate to the Wind” a few years earlier. Lee Mendelson heard the song and got Guaraldi to do the music for A Charlie Brown Christmas. Guaraldi constructed a slow jazz instrumental, which was quite innovative for a children’s television show at the time. Mendelson thought it needed lyrics, which he wrote and arranged for a children’s choir to sing. Even with cheery lyrics, the song makes Christmas seem somewhat sad and disappointing, which is quite in line with the plot of A Charlie Brown Christmas. Read the story of how the song came about and why we automatically get nostalgic when we hear it, at Mel magazine.

Source: neatorama

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