Chronophoto, the Photo Dating Game

We’ve all been put into the position of having to guess how old a photograph is. There was a time when you could get pretty close by looking at the tint and the quality. Now those things can be manipulated, so instead we look for clues in the image itself, like fashions or cars or written words on signs and newspapers. Now here’s a game that puts your chronological sleuthing skills to the test! Chronophoto gives you a photograph taken between 1900 and 2020, and you adjust a slider to indicate what year you think it was taken. It’s harder than you might think. You’ll be given points based on how close you are. Each game consists of five photos, and a perfect score is 5000. My best score was little more than halfway there, but I was in more of a hurry than I should have been. You will do better! -via Metafilter

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Source: neatorama

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