Cielo Yu Photography

Various compositions and portraits captured by Taiwanese photographer Cielo Yu.

With our last article in 2017, I’m glad to introduce you to Cielo Yu, a young photographer who lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan. Whether architecture or portraits of young girls in various poses, Cielo Yu likes to experiment with different styles and concepts. Sometimes minimalistic, sometimes playful, the young photographer seems to have an inexhaustible source of ideas. As always, a few images can be found below. For more, please visit Cielo Yu’s portfolio on Flickr or follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Cielo Yu Photography, falling asleep.
Some people can fall asleep immediate and everywhere.
Cielo Yu Photography, in the supermarket.
Fun time in the supermarket.
Cielo Yu Photography, hidden
Almost hidden.
Cielo Yu Photography, silence
Silence and seemingly endless space.
Cielo Yu Photography, reflection
Cielo Yu Photography, symmetry
Cielo Yu Photography, stretching
Cielo Yu Photography, blurred
Blurred portrait.
Cielo Yu Photography
Cielo Yu Photography.

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