Cinderella with a Glass Arm

Mandy Pursley is a professional cosplayer and amputee who went viral for her new Cinderella costume. She made it herself, plus the Prince’s costume (worn by her husband Ryan), and commissioned a glass arm to complete the fairy tale look. She tells the story behind the costume at Facebook. 

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After a medical fiasco kept me from competing at a costume competition this summer, I was going to keep these photos under wraps for another year to try again. But a friend asked me today if I had any pictures I could share with a little girl who was born with one arm, and I realized that we never know what the future may hold…but we can still bring joy to people today!

This whole project was done with a lot of love. When my daughter was studying Cinderella stories at school last year, I realized that even though there were so many beautiful tales from around the world, there were still no princesses who looked like ME! When I was growing up with a physical difference, I never saw girls like myself represented in the media, so it took me a long time to realize that what makes us different can also be the thing that makes us strong, beautiful, and unapologetically unique.

So what do you do when you can’t find a princess like you? You make up your own! I spent countless hours sewing Cinderella’s ballgown and her Prince’s uniform. And my fairy godfather Gilbert Lozano brought everything together with the most amazing glass arm (glass slippers are SO last year!

This costume is dedicated to all the little girls learning to navigate the world with their “lucky fins” or other challenges. I hope you know you are beautiful, and that you are UNSTOPPABLE!!! Write your own story, and be your own kind of princess.

Pursley has been inundated by messages from young princesses and their families who consider her a role model and inspiration. See the gallery of Cinderella and Prince Charming at Facebook. And don’t worry about the glass arm. In the original story, the slippers didn’t change at midnight like the coach and everything else, and Pursley treats the glass arm like the work of art that it is. -via The Daily Dot 

Source: neatorama

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