cindy rizza

Sigh. Are you thinking about your grandmother right now? Me too. Oh, so many feelings, memories, smells … and these aren’t even my blankets! That is the magic of nostalgia, and when you combine beautifully boring subject matter with the insane painting skills of New Hampshire based artist Cindy Rizza, well, here we are. I wrote about Cindy six years ago, so I’m thrilled that I was recently pointed her way again. Here are Cindy’s words about her work:

“My work quietly examines familiar domestic comforts and the objects that we use to feel secure. In examining the unique identities of heirloom textiles and childhood nostalgia my work summons conflicting feelings of comfort and loneliness, hope and foreboding, and of life and loss. I aim to expose the contradictions within the subjects- to honor the comfort and love they bore, but unfold the truths of what we are fearful of in the darkness.


Source: thejealouscurator

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