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Cyriak Harris (previously at Neatorama) has gathered up all his Teddy bears for his latest video adventure into surrealism. Also buildings, cats, cars, sheep, and spider webs made of rope. This one could easily be looped into an endless sequence of weirdness. Other news from the YouTube page is that Cyriak wrote a novel about a horse.

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Life was simple for Buttercup the horse. Chewing grass in a field, gazing dreamily at passing clouds or standing at a hedge to watch the world go by. Perhaps a light nap followed by a gentle canter and more grazing, and then off to the stable for a programme of psychological tests designed to expand the boundaries of horse consciousness.

For Betty and Tim, life was also simple. Or at least as simple as life could be when you are scientists conducting neurological experiments on a horse. That is until the day they discovered their horse was conducting an experiment of its own.

-via Laughing Squid

Source: neatorama

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