Ciszak Dalmas Designs Colorful, Affordable Bookends for TORTUGA Living

Which book do you place at the end of a row on your bookshelf? Regardless of which, our favorite books, our paper friends, need bookends. And for those Italo-meets-Madrileño design-loving bookworms on budgets, new design brand TORTUGA Living presents these colorful little partners: Dumbo Bookends, designed by Ciszak Dalmas.

Two styles, three color ways. They’re friendly, serve as solid support for classic stories, and are just modular enough to blend quietly in one space and pop in another.

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Oh, and they’re relatively affordable. The small bookends are $28, the mediums are $30 and the larges are $32. On TORTUGA’s website, all of their modular products are divvied up this way. The categories “small spaces,” “medium spaces,” and “large spaces” conscientiously separate their products by scale. Call the two-woman team at TORTUGA nuanced, or call them as they see their designs—timeless.

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And their colorful collaborators, Ciszak Dalmas, share similar values: “Resourcefulness, inventiveness and entrepreneurialism inform their designs,” said TORTUGA CEO and Founder Andrea Hill about the Madrid-based designers.

A collection of bookends in brass, copper and stainless finish are coming soon, but for now, treat your favorite bookworm to an affordable design that will make them think more carefully about which book to snuggle at the end of each row.

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