Clarence E. Willard: The Man of Could Grow at Will

In 1913, while in England, Clarence E. Willard had to renew his passport in order to travel, and most importantly, in order for him to return back to the United States where he was a resident. In order to complete the necessary paperwork, Clarence walked into the U.S. Embassy in London. He gave his name to the Embassy clerk Edward Hobson, and also filled in the necessary details needed for documentation, such as his age, place of birth, the color of his hair, his weight, etc. But when the clerk asked for his height, Willard gave an astonishing reply: “Oh, anywhere from five feet nine and three-quarter inches to six feet four.”

Hobson gave Willard an incredulous look, at which point Willard obliged: “I’m Willard, the man who grows. I will show you what I mean.” And Willard did exactly that.

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Clarence E. Willard


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