claudia martínez garay

Gasp! All of it… I love all of it. This colorful, thoughtful, beautiful installation is the work of Claudia Martínez Garaya Peruvian artist who lives and works in both Amsterdam and Lima. This gorgeous show was exhibited earlier this year at GRIMM Gallery {Amsterdam}. It was titled, “A las revoluciones, como a los árboles, se les reconoce por sus frutos”, which translates to, “Revolutions, like trees, are recognized by their fruits”. Here is the description from the gallery’s site:

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“Claudia Martínez Garay’s work dwells on Peruvian history through the life of cultural artifacts and visual archives, and the multiple voices and meanings which are ascribed to these. She combines graphic iconography and abstraction in her paintings and ceramic sculptures to reflect on the idea of memory, life and after-life, invoking a strong identification with native American cultures of South America.

With a focus on re-reading, remaking and interpreting the visual traditions, the artist presents installations that exists in a specific imaginary’s time and space. Underlying the arrangements, there is a drive to reanimate the existing fragments of lost and forgotten stories. Persistent and bittersweet, Martínez Garay’s work analyzes modernity as an inseparable component of colonialism.”

“Reanimating the existing fragments of lost and forgotten stories”… yes, I love that too.

Source: thejealouscurator

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