Clever Construction System: Build the Roof on the Ground, Then Lift It

A New Zealand company called Structured Build & Lift Systems has invented a faster, cheaper, safer and easier way of building roofs. Using their set-up, there’s no need to hump materials up a ladder, or go up and down one yourself, and no need to set up scaffolding:

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An additional benefit of starting with the roof, rather than the structure, is that once raised, workers can immediately start on the interior, protected from the elements. And while it obviously depends on the footprint, the company says that their clients typically lift the roof and fit the framing in in a single day.

The system can also be scaled up:

Company founder Neil Joseph Koot, a licensed carpenter who’s worked construction “most of his working life,” first thought of the idea “whilst on a ‘smoko break’ on a job site in Raumati,” the company writes. “Neil saw the need to reduce the temptation to take a risk whilst working at height, and thought there had to be a safer way to build.” He subsequently invented and patented the system.

Source: core77

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