Clever Design for a Sand Timer That Provides Notification and Can Be Reset Instantly

Like many of us, digital fabrication enthusiast MakerPaul finds Pictionary’s sand timer unsatisfactory. It’s simple and cheap enough to produce to include with the game, but as with all hourglasses, it provides no audible notification of when time’s up, and to reset it one must wait for it to refill.

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Yes, we all have timers on our phones, but MP sought a non-digital solution. Years ago he conceived of a sand-based timer that would provide a “time’s up” notification, both visual and auditory, by physically falling over. He also wanted the user to be able to reset it instantly.

In lockdown, he finally pursued the idea in earnest, and came up with this very clever 3D-printed design:

Here’s how it works:

“This is a proof of concept 3D printed design that runs for 30 seconds,” MP writes. “Details of how to print your own can be found here.

“I’m not looking to commercialise the idea, but would just ask that if anyone does use it, they donate to Mind, the mental health charity, and post on social media using the hashtag #TippingTimer.”

Source: core77

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