Clever Designs for Perpetual Calendars

For those of you that still use physical calendars, maybe you like having a dozen photos of hapless kittens or shirtless firemen cycling through the months. But a subset of you might prefer a single grid that will serve for the entire year and that doesn’t have any pages to be flipped. If that’s the case, the perpetual calendar is for you.

I was not able to track this Russian design to its original source, but this is typical of the genre.

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A fellow named Renan Rozante sells these plans for a laser-cut design.

I’m not so into this DIY design made from acrylic, but it does add color for visual pop.

This design on Amazon Japan makes clever use of a metal frame to line the days up with the dates.

Here’s an all-metal design (that I was unable to attribute to the original source).

My favorite of all of these designs is the Perpetual Calendar designed by Keita Shimizu, because it does not have any excess numbers sticking out of the sides.

All of these designs have a UX flaw that you design nerds have undoubtedly spotted. That flaw being that there is no provision for obscuring the higher numbers for months that have less than 31 days.

Source: core77

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