Clever Hinge Design on Microsoft's Surface Laptop Studio, for Better Laptop/Tablet Switching

Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop Studio features an innovative mid-screen hinge that helps it bridge the gap between laptop and tablet. When the user doesn’t require keyboard-driven laptop functionality, the 14.4″ screen can be pulled forward in an orientation that not only obscures the keyboard—making it clear that it’s in a different mode—but also places the screen in a more ergonomically-sound position for touchscreen use.

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The screen can also be extended further into a nearly-flat, face-up orientation. This is meant to more closely mirror the experience of sketching on paper on a desktop, using their Surface Slim Pen 2. The pen, by the way, magnetically docks and charges under the front lip of the bottom half of the laptop.

It’s a clever piece of design, and my hat’s off to the design team.

The Surface Laptop Studio rolls out on October 5th with a starting price of $1,600. Tech specs are available here.

Source: core77

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