Clever Inventions to Make Rewinding Ratchet Straps Fast and Easy

Ratchet straps are a fantastically useful invention, but I hate winding them back up. So do the folks at Dynello, the Danish company that invented this Accu Winder gizmo to speed the task with a drill:

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If it’s not obvious, it works like this:

That would be fine for me, as I only ever deal with a handful of straps. But for the professional trucker who has to travel down the length of their flatbed or step-deck trailer winding strap after strap, this Bumble Bee Strap Winder is a clever solution:

I like how quickly the latter design hooks and unhooks to the bed, and am impressed that it was invented by an end user rather than an industrial designer. It does make me wonder how much undiscovered design talent is out there, just floating around in laypeoples’ brains.

Source: core77

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