Clouds of Colorful Ink Cover a Flower in Mesmerizing Macro Footage

When you introduce liquid ink to a body of water it gradually disperses into the open space like a cloud of smoke from a fire. The interaction between the two substances is graceful and mesmerizing to watch, especially if you’re filming it with a macro photography lens. Macro photography is an form of extreme close-up photography commonly used to show minuscule detaisl on very small insects and objects, like a snowflake or the wings of a butterfly. Macro Room specializes in macro photography and decided to experiment with ink in water for their most recent video, Ink In Motion.

In recent years, the art of filming ink in water has been popularized in videos by fluid artists like Susi Sie, and French filmmaker Thomas Vanz who once recreated the scene of a dying star in a small aquarium. For Ink In Motion, the Macro Room team placed a medium-sized aquarium atop a light box and used thin syringes to dispense clouds of ink into the water. The macro lens picks up every intricate detail as the ink surges and swells around clever set pieces like a flower, a model solar system, and a 3D-printed cityscape. Watch the full video below:

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