Coba Bites 8-Year Old Child, Dies

The New Indian Express describes a terrifying incident from the village of Pandarpadh in the Jashpur district of the state of Chhattisgarh. An 8-year old boy named Deepak was playing in the backyard of his home when a cobra wrapped itself around his arm and bit him. He tried to shake it off, but the snake remained firmly attached. Finally, he bit the snake twice.

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The snake fell off Deepak and died. The boy’s parents raced him to a medical facility, where he was treated with anti-venom drugs. Fortunately, it appears that the cobra engaged in a “dry bite”–a bite that injects no venom. He went home after a day.

-via Dave Barry | Unrelated photo by Keshav Mukund Kandhadai

Source: neatorama

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