Coffee Could Burn Fat? According to Research, the Answer is Yes

Just recently, we have learned that just by thinking about coffee, we become stimulated and focused. Now, coffee once again demonstrates to us that it is beneficial to our health. According to new research, coffee could help us lose weight by stimulating brown fat.

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Brown adipose tissue (BAT), or “brown fat” (also known as “good fat”), can generate heat and metabolize macronutrients (i.e. glucose-heavy foods like honey and dried fruit) by burning calories. White adipose tissue (WAT), or “white fat,” meanwhile, stores calories that haven’t been burned.


The study shows that a cup of coffee or caffeine can actually stimulate brown fat to make heat. “We all have that warm feeling after we drink a cup of coffee, because we’re stimulating that brown fat,” he said. “It’s important and interesting that we actually know the mechanism now.

“The goal is to stimulate brown fat. Exercise stimulates brown fat. Good sleep stimulates brown fat. And now we know caffeine or coffee can do the same.”

Coffee, like all kinds of drinks or foods, should be taken in moderation. Dr. Argus states that three cups of coffee is the maximum, and no more beyond that. He also states the latest time of the day that we can drink coffee.

“What I also want to push is, no coffee after 1:00 or 2:00 p.m. Caffeine’s half-life is six hours. If you have a 1:00 [cup], it’s only going to be half the level by 7:00 at night. Even if you sleep, it’s not going to be the deep restful sleep with caffeine on board.”

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