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Today, January 6th, would be my dad’s 74th birthday. He died suddenly and unexpectedly just over a month ago, and I wish so much that he was here to celebrate his birthday. Instead, I will make art in his honor … and I’d like to invite you to do the same! When I wrote my book, ‘Collage’, a few years ago, I asked my dad if I could use this hilarious picture of him {mustache} and his brother, my Uncle Bill {cowboy}, as the starting image for a challenge I’d be giving all thirty artists in the book. As usual, he said yes! So, today, on his 74th birthday, I’d like to give you the same project I gave all of those amazing collage artists from around the world:

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Create a new collage from photograph, circa 1958. Use some, or all, of this image of a little cowboy and his accordion-playing brother. Print it out several times, or use this as the base on which to work. The exciting thing about collage – while the starting image is the same for each of you, every single result will be completely different. 

Right click on the photo to save it to your desktop, and then do what you will! Hashtag your final pieces with #DanCummingCollage and I’ll share them on Instagram over the next month or so. Have fun!  ps. Here are a few examples from the book. The first one below is mine … because I can never resist a good art challenge:

Happy Birthday, Dad xo

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