Colonoscopy Reveals a Ladybug

When I try to start conversations with strangers, one of my go-to questions is “What’s the most surprising thing you’ve ever enountered in a colonoscopy?”

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It doesn’t have to be the person’s own colonoscopy–just one that the person has experienced.

This gentleman (that’s a man in the photo) had ladybug in his colon. A 2019 article in the medical journal American College of Gastroenterology Reports briefly describes the surprising appearance of a harmonia axyridis, one of 6,000 ladybug species in the world. If I understand the article correctly, the doctors assume that the patient swallowed the bug. His consumption of a full gallon of polyethylene glycol as part of the colonoscopy preparation may have protected the ladybug from digestion.

-via Science Girl

Source: neatorama

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