Come Work at the Coffee Hotel!

Dutch coffee company Man Met Bril Koffie (Man with Coffee Glasses) is building a hotel in Rotterdam. The hotel isn’t quite finished yet, but they have big plans for the Coffee Hotel. One of those plans is a residency program, in which baristas and other hospitality pros are invited to come work for a few months at a time. It’s not like an American internship, as they will pay you, and also put you up in the hotel for free. It’s not clear whether Americans are invited; the website offers several languages, none of which is English, but the residency program page is in English. It’s an opportunity to spend a few months in the Netherlands without spending like a tourist. The program is kicking off with a residency roadtrip through Europe, so they can recruit coffee enthusiasts from all over. Read more about the Koffie Hotel and the residency program at Sprudge. -via Nag on the Lake

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(Image credit: Man Met Bril Koffie)

Source: neatorama

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