Comics show yoga poses that architects can use at work

Who said architecture and yoga can’t go together?

In this series of well-illustrated comics, The Leewardists delves into the undeniable but humorous connection of yoga and architecture. The two subjects are alike in so many ways. Being flexible and learning to adjust yourself in different environments are two characteristics that both yogis and architects can find extremely useful in their craft.

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Being an architect can sometimes feel arduous and the daily routine can take a toll on the physical body. Most architects find ways to help loosen up their mind and body and yoga is just one of the useful exercises they can undergo. This collection of illustrations called The Architect Comic Series show the yoga poses, along with simple and straightforward steps, which architects can follow. Whether it be meeting a client for a project walkthrough or drafting the final sketches for the next day’s presentation, these yoga poses can definitely give architects that extra dose of energy and zen.

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