Coming Soon: Build a Stick Chair Video

I’m not getting any prettier, so I might as well do this now before I start having to wear a paper bag over my head. This month and next, we are shooting a long-form video that explains how I build a stick chair using American woods with a variety hand and machine processes.

I’m a book learner. I learn how to do things by reading, thinking and then practicing. But I know there are a lot of readers who might see “The Stick Chair Book” as intimidating. Especially if they learn best by watching video or live demonstrations.

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And that’s why we are making this video. We are doing the production all in-house – the shooting, audio and editing. As a result, we are able to do things I would never have dreamed of with a hired video crew. The first chapter of the video documented our trip to the lumberyard and shows exactly how I pick the lumber.

To make sure we get all the visual details right, I am building four stick chairs for the video (two in oak and two in walnut). And there are chapters on history, inspiration for your own chair designs and (of course) some goofy stuff because I am a cornball.

We are also editing the video as we shoot. Shoot, edit, shoot, edit. So we can correct mistakes as we go. As a result, I hope we’ll have this video ready for sale in mid-August. As always, the video will be offered as streaming or download with no silly DRM (digital rights management). 

In addition to the video, buyers will also get a drawing of the full-size patterns for this chair (a design which is not in “The Stick Chair Book.”)

The chair I am building for the video.

We are also going to experiment with an introductory price for the first 30 days to see how that goes.

For those of you who love books, don’t worry. We are not about to become Lost Art VHS. Books are our passion. But now that we have the technology to execute video and audio to my satisfaction, it’s silly to not take advantage of that for a few special projects.

OK, back to the bench. These four chairs aren’t going to build themselves.

— Christopher Schwarz


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