Coming Soon: ‘Family Tree of Chairs’ Poster

One of the fun details from “The Stick Chair Book” is the endsheets, the thick papers that bind the book’s hard-cover shell to the printed book block. The endsheets for this book are a heavier-than-normal paper that we have printed with “The Family Tree of Chairs.”

On the endsheet at the front of the book is a drawing of the family tree. The endsheet at the back of the book is a key to the chairs hanging in the tree.

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The drawing was made by Lee John Phillips in Wales, an outstanding illustrator. You can follow him here on Instagram.

To help us offset the cost of this illustration, we will sell 200 letterpress 16” x 20” posters of the family tree with the key to the tree (as shown in the illustration above). The posters will be numbered and printed on a thick, textured 100-percent cotton paper.

Printing posters via letterpress is expensive, but worth it. When you touch the paper, You can feel the impression left by the plate as it pressed the ink into the cotton. The pricing for this poster is designed to do two things:

  1. Pay for the cost of the illustration and printing the poster. We are not trying to retire to South America on this poster.
  2. Ensure we sell all the posters so I don’t have to stuff them in my pants next winter for added insulation while living beneath the I-75 overpass.

The price will be $30 plus domestic shipping. For international orders, we recommend you investigate a mail-forwarding service in your country. These services are far cheaper and reliable than what we could provide. And they are easy to use. To find one in your country, visit a search engine and search for “parcel forwarding United States” or “mail forwarding United States.”

Because each country has different forwarding services, we don’t have one service we can recommend.

We hope to start selling the poster before August 2021. More details to follow.

— Christopher Schwarz


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