Common in Movies, Never in Real Life

Being able to outrun an explosion.

You know how you have to be somewhere at a certain time, and you leave early, but then use up all your spare time and more looking for a parking space? Somehow, people in movies manage to always have a parking space waiting for them right in front of their destination, even in cities, even in Manhattan. It’s movie logic. While some shortcuts are forgivable (no one wants to watch someone looking for a parking space), other just bend reality for a good visual, like walking or running away from an explosion.

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Waking up from a long coma and being able to walk…

People who’ve had similar real-life experiences can be thoroughly distracted from a movie plot when something is just so wrong. Read a list of 40 things people have noticed in movies that just don’t work that way in real life at Bored Panda.

Source: neatorama

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