Concept Design for a Nuclear-Powered Flying Cruise Ship

While working for Grasshopper Manufacture, a Tokyo-based video game developer, concept designer Tony Holmsten created this fanciful flying cruise ship:

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Independent content producer and science enthusiast Hashem Al-Ghaili liked the concept so much, he commissioned 3D modeler Alexander Tujicov to refine it. (Al-Ghaili sought and attained Holmsten’s approval first.)

The concept, they decided, would be nuclear-powered; passengers would come aboard on a conventional airplane that would dock with the gigantic cruiser; it would contain 360-degree observation deck atop the “tail,” reached by an external elevator. And in essence, it would function like an enormous cruise ship.

Al-Ghaili then assembled this entertaining video depicting the concept as if selling it to investors:

Source: core77

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