Connor Holland's Incredible "Inflated Steel" Product Designs, Made by DIY Hydroforming

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With a degree in Product Design from Kingston University, UK-based Connor Holland has adopted that school’s “Thinking Through Making” ethos. This led Holland to conduct backyard experiments in DIY hydroforming, with the goal of “discovering interesting new forms for inflated steel product and furniture designs.”

The forms yielded by the experiments are gorgeous:

Applying what he learned, Holland then selected a repeating shape to create a vessel, which he named the Pagoda Vase:

Watching how he made it is fascinating:

He also created a Pagoda Lamp:

Building on the knowledge gained from creating the Pagoda objects, he then designed an additional two objects that can be made from a single piece: The Hydroformed Bowl and Lamp.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

And lest you think Holland is a one-trick pony, be sure to check out the full range of his stuff on either his website or his Instagram. The man is a true artist, constantly experimenting with new techniques and designs.

Source: core77

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