Connor Holland's Inflated Mirror

We’re big fans of UK-based product designer Connor Holland‘s experimental approaches to metal forming.

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And while the forms he produces are typically elegant and shiny, as with his new Artemis & Apollo Tables

…Holland also received a recent commission that called for his signature metal-inflating know-how, but asked for it to yield wildly different results:

Inflated Mirror

“Commission for a 4 x 3 foot mirror made from inflated stainless steel. Instead of a conventional flat mirror, the customer desired a sculptural, three dimensional piece with many random folds and bends. This is achieved by inflating and deflating the piece many times, clamping down certain areas to create new folds in the material.”

“After the final polish, it was securely packaged for shipping over to California, where it is now being enjoyed by its new owner in Los Angeles.”

As that upside-down building serves as the perfect metaphor for wealth distribution in our society, the Inflated Mirror would be perfect in the lobby of a social media giant.

Source: core77

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