conrad egyir

The scale!!! This is the striking and powerful work of Ghana born, Detroit based artist Conrad Egyir. All of these pieces are paintings… and then some! Oil, acrylic, and mixed media on canvas and wood. In some cases that means glitter, synthetic flowers, crystals buttons, mounted plexiglass, and… is that “bookmark” a really big ribbon?! Most of this work is from his 2019 show, “Ameliorations”, at Jessica Silverman Gallery in San Francisco. Here is part of the description of this exhibition from the gallery’s site:

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“Addressing contemporary American culture, biblical parables and Ashanti iconography from his native Ghana, Egyir’s work explores questions of ethics, honesty, identity and the social-psychology of community. Monumental, uncanny and often satirically grandiose, the paintings combine the graphic sensuality of Pop Art with the far-reaching narratives of history painting.”


Source: thejealouscurator

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