“Construction Fails”: 49 Pics That Might Make You Break Out In A Cold Sweat (New Pics)

Some construction work deserves an award for… the worst job ever seen. But it would be difficult to choose the grand prize winner. No matter how many uneven walls or doors leading to nowhere one has seen, there always seems to be more.

Quite a few of them end up on Reddit as phenomenal examples of how not to build things. As a matter of fact, an entire subreddit, called r/ConstructionFails is dedicated to such “marvels” of ingenuity. It’s hard to say if it’s lack of skill, negligence of safety protocols, or other reasons that lead to such results. But one thing is clear—a wolf would be able to huff and puff his way through most of the structures in the pictures, whether they’re built of straw, sticks, bricks, or any other material, for that matter.

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Enjoy browsing this collection of exceptional work and make sure to check out Bored Panda’s previous compilation of construction fails.

#1 Truck Crash Shifted The Bridge 6 Feet

Image credits: SourgumWaste

#2 Every Angle Is Just Slightly Off

Image credits: Brandolin-312

#3 Owner Has One Leg?

Image credits: BobSaccaman034

#4 Kitchen Counter/Stairs Hybrid

Image credits: dapper333

#5 Saw This While Doing An Inventory At A Rental Property Today

Image credits: Raised-By-Wolf-Pack

#6 Hydraulics Go Boom

Image credits: KLeGarcon

#7 The Curb On This Straight Road Being Built

Image credits: mreed911

#8 Brick Laying On Top Of What? How Is It Staying Put?

Image credits: spacetime_dilation

#9 He Kicked The Wall And It Came Down On Him

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Image credits: ComfortableSplit148

#10 Plumbers

Image credits: AE5NE

#11 Looks Great Guys, Keep Up The Good Work!

Image credits: TheVintageMermaid

#12 Transporting A Big Glass Panel By Helicopter

Image credits: bubbs4prezyo

#13 The Installation Of This Door Under My Sink Always Bugs Me

Image credits: Meowlik

#14 How Does A Roof With Only A Powdered Sugar Amount Of Snow Look Like That

Image credits: vegetaman

#15 My Old House Bathroom Cabinets

Image credits: TheGpawn

#16 I Don’t Think They’ve Got Subgrade Problems. Do You?

Image credits: engineerdrummer

#17 Bathroom Door — Peekaboo

Image credits: No-Presence-6699

#18 That’s A Nice Peaceful Dam You Got There

Image credits: dapper333

#19 Brooklyn Super Special

Image credits: bud40oz

#20 I Get That It’s Important To Keep Your Ppe Good As New, But This Is Ridiculous

Image credits: thedhoklamonger

#21 So Much Wasted Material And Manpower

Image credits: 2cdubc20

#22 Be Sure Not To Swing The Door Too Hard

Image credits: Raised-By-Wolf-Pack

#23 Had To Post These Amazing Steps Someone Pimped Out

Image credits: woolz0430

#24 I Wonder At What Point They Realised

Image credits: Raised-By-Wolf-Pack

#25 Is This A Normal Practice

Image credits: LuminousAdvent

#26 Brooklyn Super Special Part 2

Image credits: bud40oz

#27 Must’ve Been Blindfolded While Caulking This

Image credits: spartansmee

#28 Some “Professional” Framer Gore For You

Image credits: 00LR

#29 There Was An Attempt To Build A Deck

Image credits: SlickDaGato

#30 Highway Pillar Hanging Out On Its Own

Image credits: enthusiastic_diver

#31 A Normal Door In Ohio

Image credits: LivingMountain5435

#32 Their Boss Won’t Even Pony Up For Matching Ladders

Image credits: MikeFoxtrotter

#33 Good Luck With That Guys

Image credits: Connect-Assist-8636

#34 Let’s Do Brainstorming, Let’s Bring Different Ideas To The Table: What Is The Cause Of The Accident? Who Is One To Blame?

Image credits: Accomplished-Ebb1860

#35 The Floor Of Sibling’s New Apartment Is Just A Tiny Bit Uneven

Image credits: Impromptu_Euthanasia

#36 When You Think You Can Get Away With A Lower Weight Limit… But You Can’t

Image credits: SourgumWaste

#37 Well, At Least It Has A Gap

Image credits: 2GOOD93

#38 I Think The Roofers Got My Siding A Little Too Hot When Torching Down A New Roof

Image credits: UGotDeDopeIGotDePipe

#39 The Water Pipe In My Appartment That Just Finished Construction

Image credits: wheekwheekmeow

#40 Found A Love Outlet In The Wall

Image credits: aschiffer878

#41 Something Is Out Of Place. If You Don’t Know What’s Wrong With This Picture, Please Don’t Install A Dryer At My Mother’s House Again. Thank You

Image credits: realjohnkeys

#42 I’m Sure These Deck Posts Won’t Be An Issue Down The Road

Image credits: Famous-Rutabaga-5517

#43 Is It Petty To Judge Ugly Plumbing If They Reversed The Feeds?

Image credits: HairyHorticulture

#44 In A Working Day, Building Inspection. I Found This Art (This Work Of A Lazy Person)

Image credits: annsc

#45 Demoing A Bathroom On A Rental – The Mirror In The Space Was Sitting On The Medicine Cabinet. No Adhesive,just 30 Years Or Dirt And Layers Of Wallpaper Holding It In Place

Image credits: TheLastBlackRhinoSC

#46 Oh&s Would Like A Word

Image credits: 2gigi7

#47 Drains On The Path To The Duplex Neighbor, Also Up Ahead Is A Flight Of Stairs With No Railing

Image credits: HighMinimum640

#48 Landlord Been Paying The Fine For This For 10 Years

Image credits: HighMinimum640

#49 Drywalled Mechanical Room? In A Crawlspace With No Moisture Barrier… And It Rained With No Roof

Image credits: reddit.com

Source: boredpanda.com

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