Contest: Name Our Glue

One of the many batches of glue I’ve been cooking during the last year.

I’m in the middle of refining a recipe for a liquid hide glue that uses food-grade gelatin as the base product and is essentially clear. If all goes to plan, we should start selling the glue by the end of the year.

Our working name for the stuff is “Death Grip Glue,” which is a bit goth for my taste (even though I came up with the name). So we decided to hold a contest among our readers to see if there’s a better name floating out there.

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Here are the qualities of the new glue, which might help spur an idea for a name:

  1. It is essentially clear liquid hide glue with no discernable smell
  2. It is reversible, like other protein-based glues
  3. It is made from three ingredients: gelatin, salt and water
  4. Its shelf life is indefinite as long as it is treated properly
  5. It is made from hides and connective tissue of pigs and cows
  6. It is made in Covington, Kentucky, one batch at a time
  7. Like other protein glues, hardened squeeze-out can be cleaned up with a little hot water

Here are the rules of the contest: One entry per person, please. Give us your one best idea. The winner will receive the very first bottle of glue off the line, all signed by us here at Lost Art Press. Plus a $200 gift certificate to our store.

How to enter: Post your single best idea in the comments. If you don’t include your email in the comment field, we won’t be able to find you and give you the prize. So please include your name and email in the appropriate fields (only we can see your email address).

This contest runs until midnight on July 3. The winner will be determined by us, using no objective criteria except that we love it.

— Christopher Schwarz


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