Convenient Desk Accessories That Will Make Your Life Easier

A Reusable Notebook That Lets You Store Notes on the Cloud

If you are an avid note taker who often litters their desk with ephemeral Post It notes and sheets of paper, this notebook could be for you. A smart notebook that you can easily scan onto your computer and automatically categorize using its connected app, the other perk to this product its resusability—just pop it in the microwave for a few minutes, and you can erase all the contents and start anew. (Two notes to remember: one, the notebook must be microwaved every 2 months otherwise it leaves faint pen marks, and two, you also must use it with Pilot Frixion pens in order for it to erase.)

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook, $26

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Pilot Frixion Pens, $5

A Robotic Whiteboard

The Joto Robot, funded on Indiegogo earlier this year, seems funny at first glance but when you start to think about the functionality, the opportunities are endless— preview sketches to your design team on one, send handwritten messages to other Jotos across the world, or simply have a nice piece of artwork on your wall that refreshes every day!

Joto Whiteboard, $260 (available for pre-order)

A Self-Watering Planter with a Clever Feature

A piece of greenery always brightens up a workspace, but it’s easy when you’re hard at work to forget to water your desk friend. This clever planter by Studio Lorier not only waters your plant automatically for about a month, it also has an innovative manual feature that tells you when it’s time to refill the pot. 

Natural Balance Planter, $57 (available for pre-order)

A Good Pair of Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you’d prefer to zone into your work by listening to your tunes as opposed to your coworker’s conversations, get yourself a pair of headphones that really keep the noise out. The less you can hear, the less of a chance one of your team members has a chance of interrupting your workflow. This pair is also great because they’re wireless!

Hiearcool L1 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones, $65

A Great Stylus

We’re really big fans of the Apple pencil for its pressure sensitivity and its uncanny simulation of pencil strokes when it’s on the pencil setting—however, we’re also well aware the flexibility is limited as it’s only for the iPad pro (anyone with recommendations of their absolute favorite stylus should contribute their thoughts in the comments below!)

Apple Pencil for iPad Pro, $99

Desk Tools You’ll Actually Use

MUJI has a number of office accessories that are minimal, portable and at times more sustainably friendly than their conventional counterparts (like their stapleless stapler)

MUJI Stapleless Stapler, $7.95, or view the whole MUJI office collection here

A Nifty Food Dispenser for Daytime Snacks

In my dream world, this is sitting close to my desk and it’s always filled with gummy bears… I mean, granola. 

OXO Good Grips Dry Food Dispenser, $39.95

A Good “White Noise” Solution

Noisli is hands down my favorite site to use when I need to focus on a task that’s going to take a lot of brainpower and require very little distraction

Noisli, free, or on mobile for $1.99

Fidget Your Way to Productivity

With all these different buttons and doodads to keep you from getting distracted, you’ll be able to zero in on all the crucial details during that exhaustive team meeting.

Official Fidget Cube, $19.99

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