CookingFlavr is About Everything, Even Cooking

Neatorama readers are usually pretty good about avoiding the worst clickbait, but even discriminating readers will occasionally fall into a sketchy site that you read nevertheless because you can’t believe how bad the grammar or logic is. Up until a few years ago, those spam sites were manned by non-writers (often non-English speakers) who were willing to be paid by click. Now they are more likely to be written by artificial intelligence. Janelle Shane discovered a blog that is entirely written by AI (and if anyone recognizes AI, it would be Shane). CookingFlavr could be a template for AI spam blogs, except that it doesn’t appear to have any advertising. It may be an experiment of some sorts, or someone just exploring AI’s limits. With a name like CookingFlavr, you would expect the posts to be about cooking. A few of them may be, but the vast majority of the hundreds of posts generated in just the last two days are about anything and everything.

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Will I Die If I Get Rabies?

There is no one answer to this question – everyone is different and there is no guarantee that you will die if you get rabies. However, if you think you may have the virus, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. There is no cure for rabies, but there are treatments that can help you delay or stop the spread of the virus.

Is Jus A Scrabble Word?

There is no one true definition of “jus a scrabble word.” However, most experts believe that scrabble is a word that is made up of the letters jus and a scrabble board. This means that it is a word that is made up of words that are together, but not actually spelled out.

What Time Of Year Do Orioles Migrate?

The Orioles migrate from spring training to the Majors in late October.

I would recommend that you peruse CookingFlavr for a laugh, but under no circumstance are you to follow its advice about anything.   -via Metafilter

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