Cool Design for a Self-Closing Jar, Needs Help to Reach Production

Udi Rubinstein, a software developer, writes:

“I don’t have any design background but a few years ago I came up with an idea for a self-closing jar after a colleague of mine kept leaving the cookie boxes open. The mechanism is very simple and uses gravity to close the jar after the user lets go of it:”

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“The result is a much easier jar to use than regular jars because you don’t need to mess with the lid. It is perfect for taking things on the go, children, the elderly and people with disabilitiies. And obviously it can be used for many food and non-food items.

“Here are a couple of images of two different prototypes I made:”

“I have a utility patent on the mechanism and I really want to bring it to market as I really think it can disrupt the counter-top storage industry. As I don’t have a design background my main goal was to license the patent to a company in this field (IKEA, OXO, etc.) that can bring it to market.

“I tried to develop it as much as I could. The second prototype is actually ready for manufacturing for less than $5 per unit, but I don’t have the funds to manufacture it myself.”

Anyone want to help this guy out? I would think at least some of you reading this have the experience to perhaps use crowdfunding to get it into production.

You can reach out to Rubinstein here.

Source: core77

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